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When purchasing a kit from my blog, please send an e-mail to kimberly.garner@gmail.com letting me know which kit you would like. Please allow 24 hours for delivery, however it will never take me that long to get to you. If you want instant download you can always purchase all my kits at Smiley Creations, or PFD

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ptu now FTu-New Life.

This kit was a store exclusive for Scrap Candy for about a week before I shut down shop there. I am now offering it as a freebie here.  You can download it from Box. Oh And there is 65 elements not 35, perhaps I was drinking that day...not sure.LOL


  1. This is beautiful thank you so much:)

  2. Thank you for this lovely kit. :)

  3. How do I download this kit... I cannot find the link anywhere. Thanks

  4. Doh... *slaps forehead in a dumb manner* found it...