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When purchasing a kit from my blog, please send an e-mail to kimberly.garner@gmail.com letting me know which kit you would like. Please allow 24 hours for delivery, however it will never take me that long to get to you. If you want instant download you can always purchase all my kits at Smiley Creations, or PFD

Friday, May 10, 2013

New License to Sell

I have been approached by a few people that want to know if they can use my kits to make layouts to sell.  The answer is yes.  However you MUST have a license for it.  There are terms as well.  The terms are: $15.00 straight fee, or if you purchase 5 of my kits all in the same transactions, you will get the license for free.

This will be personalized for you.  What you will need to do if you purchase my kits e-mail me the receipt and I will then do your license and mail it back.  If you would rather pay the $15.00 you will need to e-mail me let me know, and I will send you my paypal address, soon as the money is received I will send you your license.
E-mail me at BookwormDezines@gmail.com

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