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I NO Longer make kits, and I will no longer be selling from my blog. I will leave what Kits I have made in PFD under txvaliegrrl. and over at smiley creations.

Friday, May 10, 2013

New License to Sell

I have been approached by a few people that want to know if they can use my kits to make layouts to sell.  The answer is yes.  However you MUST have a license for it.  There are terms as well.  The terms are: $15.00 straight fee, or if you purchase 5 of my kits all in the same transactions, you will get the license for free.

This will be personalized for you.  What you will need to do if you purchase my kits e-mail me the receipt and I will then do your license and mail it back.  If you would rather pay the $15.00 you will need to e-mail me let me know, and I will send you my paypal address, soon as the money is received I will send you your license.
E-mail me at BookwormDezines@gmail.com

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